Help creating a new Platform

I am looking for help creating a new platform for an upcoming product I am releasing based on the Renesas DA14706 MCU. What is the going bounty for such help? :slight_smile:

The project is pretty cool, and I have a budget ($500 ish) for help.

Ill strike out alone if there is no interest :slight_smile:

The Retro Watch

I did one internally for Renesas / Dialog DA1469x (BLE SoC) at but never finished it because I think the SDK had licensing issues so I can’t just publish it in some public repo for PlatformIO to download. Is that the case too for the framework you want to support?

As I am the author of platform-ch32v (RISC-V WCH CH32V) and platform-gd32 and maintainer of a platform-raspberrypi fork, I guess I have quite the experience.

Hi Maxgerhardt, I also give some try to add a new platform, but looks not work. which based on sifive to support a new chip in PIO.

if there any useful guideline? the official document of PIO looks not working well
( Custom Development Platforms — PlatformIO latest documentation)

Very interesting, thank you for the response…let me check the sdk licensing and your github to see if its uesful.

@maxgerhardt defintiley interested in going a little deeper in this discussion.

Here is the project Im working on: The Retro Watch

I dont see anyway to DM on here…

Just clicking upen the profile icon should reveal a message button.

Looks interesting. It has both an FPGA and a Dialog DA14706? The FPGA doesn’t instantiate a softcore?

If you have any particular problem / error message, you can createa a new topic. Otherwise I recommond looking through reference platforms (atmelavr, ststm32, tons of others), SCons manual and the PlatformIO core code. Some of it I also ‘documented’ here.

Max, yes.

It has a DA14706 for the main processor and a Efinix T20 FPGA to supplement for video processing.
The DA is pretty capable on its own so I doubt the FPGA will be on too much due to power concerns and is mostly just in the design for “thats cool af” :slight_smile:

They are connected via two memory mapped qspi busses and the DA14706 has a gpu which can render a framebuffer from the QSPI bus…its pretty slick :wink:

And sorry, I must be inept. I have failed to find the message button.