Help adding SevenSegmentTM1637 Arduino Library

Hi there.

Not sure if I can add this library manually to Official PlatformIO list or need to ask someone :thinking:


Correction: PlatformIO actually supports three library manifest formats

Hence as long as one of them exists in the repo, and is valid, you can add the library to the PlatformIO Library manager yourself.

To be done properly, you’d need to do a PR on that repo adding a library.json file, and then either registering it, or asking the author to register it… which is basically telling the platformio library registry about the existence of the library.json in the repo.

If you just want to use the library… you should be able to do it via a

lib_deps =

in your platformio.ini

Hope this works :crossed_fingers:

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It’ll be interesting to find out… since it clearly isn’t a library.json file, and doesn’t meet the only requirement has… that there be a library.json file present which describes the library. :laughing:

I think plan b) would be to simply make a library.json on a github gist, and register that, whilst also doing a PR… I was about to do one, but you beat me to it…

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Please, go ahead, I’m completely new to Git :blush:

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Lol… Nah you did well :wink: I did just have to do a PR against the platformio-docs though, as perl found the reference that was niggling at the back of my head that PlatformIO did in fact support…

Library was added via but instead of the latest version (1.0.4), version 1.0.0 was added. How can specify 1.0.4 in platformio.ini?

The last commint for tag “1.0.4” was 4 Nov 2016 and for the master branch which has 1.0.0 in the 10 Aug 2018. Something is not right here with the versioning of this library. Even the 1.0.4 tag has 1.0.0 as the registered version number arduino-tm1637/ at v1.0.4 · bremme/arduino-tm1637 · GitHub. PIO should pull the master branch which means that the registered version is actually the most recent version.