Help adding a Library

I have a Library that is in GitHub for some time now, but still has not been added to the registry.
Can some one please help me fix what ever is that needs fixing in order for it to be addad by the crowler ?

URL: GitHub - RoiEf/DwD: A Delay without using the delay() function for Arduino based applications


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What command did you use to register it? I hope

pio lib register

? Then you just have to wait a bit more, manifest looks valid to me.


I have been downloading libraries and adding them to the project’s /lib folder. I usually have to restart PIO, but they get recognized.

Different library “problem”.

The op, @roi.efrati, appears to have a library that is desired to be part of the official PlatformIO list of approved libraries.


I was not awware that I needed a command in order to register a library.
In any case, I have triad your command eg. “pio lib register
but got the error:
“Error: [API] Method Not Allowed”

It’s a small but usefull library that I think that a lot of developers, espacially beginners, can benefit from.

Why not use platformio.ini for this?
for example, when I want to include this specific library I add:
lib_deps =
GitHub - RoiEf/DwD: A Delay without using the delay() function for Arduino based applications

Actually I’m behind the times here – the new platform registry has already deprecated that command in favor for package publishing.

$ pio lib register
Error: This command is deprecated. Please use `pio package publish` command.

Also make sure that you have a recent PIO release version, using pio upgrade to update it.

The new package publishing system binds the packages (which can be libraries, platforms, frameworks, …) to your PIO account. This is separate from your PlatformIO community account.

Check the documentation at pio account — PlatformIO latest documentation and Redirecting... on how to do it (account creation, login, package file creation, package file publihsing).

I can’t publish the package for you because it would then be bound to my account of course :smiley: