Help: Accidentally Uninstalled Library from Global Storage

Is there a way to recover a library uninstalled from global storage on windows 10?

I thought I was modifying a local version, but when I removed the global version everything disappeared. It’s not in the trash, it’s not in a previous version of the folder, and it isn’t showing up with recovery software.

Turns out git wasn’t tracking it.

Rookie mistake, I know… but I’m a rookie when it comes to a lot of this, so I guess the shoe fits. Definitely a hard lesson learned.

Any help would be appreciated. thanks!

Was this a library you installed with PlatformIO? If so, and you know the name, can you not install it again?

If not, can you give more information on what library it was, where it was deleted from, etc. Every little helps - as a certain UK supermarket advertises.



Please do not use “Global Storage” and declare project dependencies in platformio.ini. See Redirecting...

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It was a modified version of a library, so re-downloading it wasn’t an option. fortunately it wasn’t terribly hard to do again since it was all still fresh in my mind. I ended up rewriting it while I was on vacation. I won’t be using global storage from now on. Thank you both for your help.