Has anyone here install library "DS1302"?

I have installed the library from PlatformIO “Library Mnager”.
I found 2 examples of it, the first one was in PlatformIO, but it just show:

the second one was from github, but I couldn’t input time:

the Library info is:

What’s the actual issue? Trying to find a working DS1302 library?

This is from my pre-PlatformIO days, but I used https://codeload.github.com/msparks/arduino-ds1302/zip/master in a 7segment clock project (replaced a STC micro with a Atmega328 because I wanted more control over the clock interface and behaviour) and it had a DS1302 onboard. Was just a .h and .cpp file, so at worst should simply be a matter of copying them into your project.