HAL_Delay(time_ms) problem with CubeMX

Hello all,

I’m missing something to make code generated from the latest CubeMX to work correctly in PIO.
It compiles, it runs, but the timings are not correct.

A HAL_Delay(500ms) call takes approx 1.5 seconds when compiled with pio. Runs ok compiled with CubeIDE.

I don’t know how to dump the env of a CubeIDE project neither so I’m kind of stuck there for now. I’m starting to dig more into it but if someone has a clue it is welcome.

What’s your platformio.ini and code, what’s your MCU, what’s the crystal oscillator’s value on your board, what clock tree config did you setup in CubeMX?

I’m trying the PIO debugger right now and I like it. Baby steps here.

  • Platformio.ini:

platform = ststm32
board = nucleo_h743zi
framework = stm32cubemx
build_flags =

I need to mention that to get to this point I created a custom framework (and named it stm32cubemx) with the files from the ST repository for the h7 mcu and h7 boards only. I modified the the platform.json, boards.json, added a package.json and a script files in .platformio to make it work, so I now have a dedicated cubemx framework.

After a debug session, it appears that the HSE frequency is defined as being 25M in stm32h7xx_hal_conf_template.h file from the framework. It is defined as 8M in the stm32h7xx_hal_conf.h generated by MX in the project Inc folder.
It looks like files from the framework are included first.

Adding -D HSE_VALUE=((uint32_t)8000000) to platformio.ini solves the clock problem but does not solve the include precedence problem, as I would prefer that the stm32xxx_hal_conf.h file generated in the project folder was prioritized in the include order.

I’m stuck here. What should I do ? Remove the hal_conf file from the framework ? Going to take a look at the python script now.

Okay I get it now: this is the code from stm32cube.py that I copied blindly and renamed stm32cubemx.py

def generate_hal_config_file(mcu):
    config_path = join(FRAMEWORK_DIR, FRAMEWORK_CORE, "Drivers",
                       MCU_FAMILY.upper() + "xx_HAL_Driver", "Inc")

// if a config file is already there, it doesn’t update

    if isfile(join(config_path, MCU_FAMILY + "xx_hal_conf.h")):

    if not isfile(join(config_path, MCU_FAMILY + "xx_hal_conf_template.h")):
            "Error: Cannot find template file to configure framework!\n")

// if the template file is there, it just copy the template

    copy(join(config_path, MCU_FAMILY + "xx_hal_conf_template.h"),
         join(config_path, MCU_FAMILY + "xx_hal_conf.h"))

I’ll try to change this.

Okay, I’m marking adding -D HSE_VALUE=((uint32_t)8000000) to platformio.ini as the good solution because it is solving this particular issue.

Getting things to compile CubeMX generated code cleanly with a modified py script is harder and interesting and deserves a thread on its own.

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