Guru Meditation Error / VSCode today's update / IDF-Monitor

Three questions in one. I’m doing so because I guess I’ve got a daily limit for new topics.

Today, an extensive code I’ve been writing has started “panic’ing” after some minor changes on a specific function pinned to Core 0. Like this:

Guru Meditation Error: Core  1 panic'ed (LoadProhibited). Exception was unhandled.

1st question) What could cause such panic?

During the day, I’ve accepted a VSCode’s (or maybe PlatformIO’s) update. I’m not sure it hasn’t anything to do with it.

2nd question) Has someone else had any related issue with any recent update?

I’ve been browsing for further info from this error message and I found in this page:
ESPRESSIF » API Guides » Fatal Errors
under “Register Dump and Backtrace” title, the so called “IDF-Monitor”, which is supposed to deliver more detailed info in such circumstances, like the position in cpp code file where the program has panic’ed.


ESPRESSIF » Get Started » IDF Monitor

I guess this could help me a lot!

3rd question) Please, how to enable this feature in PlatformIO?

Thank you very much.
Regards, Ciro.

Usually reading from invalid memory (such as a nullptr), see docs.


See documentation.

Thank you Max

I couldn’t figure out where or what. Then I’ve closed VSCode and opened it again and it has solved itself.

Sorry, I didn’t follow. Is there any box to be selected or maybe a compilation directive? Aren’t there any instructions to get that?

Thank you.