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[GitHub] Raspberry Pi Pico - Deployment Scripts

Good morning, I’ve been working with the Raspberry Pi Pico boards in PIO, and have put together a small script to add deployment targets to PIO that make it easier for users to load their built UF2 files. Using a software reset means that the programmer does not need to rely on picotool.exe, or the standard upload target. This does require that use programmer knows that the drive letter for the bootloader mode of the board is.

Check it out if interested here: GitHub - Triscuit2311/RPiPicoPIODeployScript: Rasberry Pi Pico Script for Deploying from PlatformIO

This saved me tons of trouble since the PIO upload target does not wait long enough for picotool to reset the device, or picotool fails without an error thrown. I’m in the process of finding this issue in picotool so hopefully we can fix the root issue, but for now this significantly reduced the work for me.