Github Actions using a private repository in platformio library manager

I can see a number of questions on VSCode & private libraries, these don’t help…
I have a private github library which works well doing a local build
I just have the{owner}/{libraryname}.git file (should add I am the owner of both the library and the project.
When I come to create a github action to build the project, pio automatically gets all libraries, and fails when trying to get this (private library)

the platformio.ini contains:

platform = espressif8266
board = sonoff_basic
framework = arduino
lib_deps =

however the github action fails with:

[57] Library Manager: PubSubClient @ 2.8.0 has been installed!
[58] Library Manager: Installing git+
[59] git version 2.34.1
[60] Cloning into '/home/runner/.platformio/.cache/tmp/pkg-installing-wu7ibbbp'...
[61] fatal: could not read Username for '[](': No such device or address
[62] VCSBaseException: VCS: Could not process command ['git', 'clone', '--recursive', '--depth', '1',

Is there any way of being able to add credentials to plaformio.ini without having to add something like

This is general question about Github Workflows. Github and Stackoverflow might be better for this – PlatformIO only invokes git and doesn’t have much else to do with it.

python - Cloning private github repository within organisation in actions - Stack Overflow might be a good solution – it checks the repo out in a local path. You can then use file://... in lib_deps to refer to it.