Git always asks for Login/Password

Hello One!

I use PIO Ide at 3 my computers with Win10x64. All of them are connected to GitHub and I work sole over one single project.
Two of the PCs works with Git as sharm. No problems at all. But one, my laptop, asks for Git User/Password at every sync procedure. That is very annoying.

I was trying to reinstall PIO, Git, removing config files of Git, did clean setup, practise yoga but the result is the same: PIO asks for Login/Password for GitHub at every sync operation. When I enter correct login/password - everything works well.

Is there any other options to check in order to get rid of this annoying behaviour?

Just as a note: Your question is something that is more related to GitHub and git rather than PlatformIO…

After a quick google:

Does this help you?


Finally, after extensive googling and reinstalling of GIT credential managers it appeared to work. Thank you.

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