GigaDevice GD32V RISC-V dev/platform 1.0.0

We are pleased to announce the first release v1.0.0 of GigaDevice GD32V development platform.


What’s New

See Release Notes for details.




See project examples platform-gd32v/examples at master · sipeed/platform-gd32v · GitHub


  • PlatformIO IDE – please navigate to PIO Home > Platforms > Updates
  • PlatformIO Core – please run a next CLI command $ pio update

- The PlatformIO Team

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Can’t find the example, the link is wrong.
Installing gives me following message:

macOS Catalina beta

Examples link should be : platform-gd32v/examples at master · sipeed/platform-gd32v · GitHub as they don’t have a develop branch in their repo. Also means more updates are needed to their code documentation as whilst the expressif32 references have been corrected, it also mentions the develop branch.

@sstaub It looks like Mac is not presently supported - there are only toolchains listed for linux and windows. So if you keep asking nicely it might get added! :wink: :laughing:

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Sorry, the link was fixed.

Is it still support now?

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