Ghost update in library manager is suggesting the “httpd” library should be updated:

This library is part of GitHub - stanleyhuangyc/Freematics: Official source code repository for Freematics and it is already up to date.
In fact, “updating” results in the removal of the whole httpd/ directory and failure to build the sketches who need it. This happens regardless of the editor, Atom / VSCode.

How do I get rid of this spurious warning?

Following up with further information: this now happens with two libraries which have been incorporated into Freematics, namely MiniWeb and TinyGPS.

At least in the case of TinyGPS, I’ve managed to find the source library:

Is there anything I can do to tell Platform to stop suggesting updates to these two libraries within the Freematics project? Or is this an issue that’s only solvable upstream?

How did you install it? What is your platformio.ini?

Hello, Ivan.

I didn’t really install it: it comes with the Freematics repo and I suspect this is confusing Platform.
Neither TinyGPS nor MiniWeb have any platformio.ini:

Considering I have no control over upstream, is there a way I can suppress the “upgrade” prompt for these two clones?


It seems that you added these libraries to lib_extra_dirs folder configured in platformio.ini.

Perhaps the owner of the repo did that, I have no control over it.

Is there a way to prevent Platform from prompting for updates for libraries within a repo?
By now, I know all too well the pitfalls of letting the updates happen so it’s no big deal, but ideally I’d like to fix it for good.