Getting ULP tool example "espidf-ulp-pulse" to work

This is about the code from here: platform-espressif32/examples/espidf-ulp-pulse/

After a few days of trying lots of things I find about using ULP under platformio, I finally surrender to ask for help…when suddenly I figure out the following…

I am sticking directly to the code downloaded from this URL. No embellishments… Just want to get something running first.

First I encounter that ulp.h is not found. … EXAMPLE CODE SHOULD READ:

//#include "ulp.h"  // this does not work
#include "esp32/ulp.h"  // but this does...

So yea! that compiles. Now I need it to run on ESP32_S3_DEVKIT1 (for which I use [env:esp32-s3-devkitc-1] . THIS IS WHERE I AM STUCK. It seems the whole environment running under the espidf framework is missing paths to lots of .h files that are required. Has anyone gotten this working on S3?