Getting Started with PlatformIO -- video tutorial by DroneBot Workshop



from the youtuber DroneBot Workshop (~300K subscribers).

I found this just-uploaded tutorial / primer for PlatformIO quite good. It shows installation, library management, the serial monitor, the library manager, differences between .ino and .cpp files, a project on 3 different boards (Uno, ESP32, SeedStudio Xiaomi) and a more complicated servo motor project. A beginner’s initiation to PlatformIO for Arduino IDE users, so to say.

Also has an accompanying article: Getting Started with PlatformIO - Better than the Arduino IDE

Enjoy :slight_smile:

(@ivankravets: Content should also be added to Tutorials and Examples — PlatformIO latest documentation ?)

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This is an excellent tutorial. I watched it from beginning to end, and he is very thorough. It mentions a couple of gotchas that new users of platformIO may not be aware of.

Thank you so much for posting it here!!! Great blog post and video tutorial. We will amplify these materials in our social networks tomorrow :rocket: