Getting started with M5StickC

Having played with arduino, ESP8266 and ESP32, I just got started with the M5StickC

I would like to use platformIO as many people say it’s powerful but…I’m not even able to start.
I chose the right board in the list, with arduino framework
The example code I had said #include <M5StickC.h> but I got error message about includePath
I tried 'pio lib install “M5StickC” ’ and it solved the problem…for a while. Today I reopened the file and got the same error message about updating includePath

Could someone explain the basic steps to configure platformIO for use with M5StickC?


In VSCode? Maybe re-generate the project files. Use the “Rebuild Intellisense” task for it and re-open VSCode after it.

Is in principle correct. In general you can also specify libraries in the platformio.ini via the lib_deps (docs) directive. So for your project e.g.

lib_deps = M5StickC

as it’s explained in the library page. Also make sure that board = m5stick-c, but you’ve got this already right I think. This is also explained in the docs.