Gdb-server setup for ESP8266

I’m about to have a go at setting up remote gdb-server in my current development rig with platformIO - just wanted to check in and see if anyone else has done this yet, in this group, and if so: gotchas/leads? I see there are many approaches … but I guess I’m sorta assuming pio ought to have this built-in, so I’ll go look there first. :slight_smile:

Hi @seclorum
PlatformIO is able to work with gdb directly via upload.gdb file.
Here is an issue with an example how to use PlatformIO with gdb and STM32.
Here is the gdb-stub implementation for ESP8266.

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And if you want to go a little heavier-duty, there’s the full JTAG style option:

Although the 2nd link is geared for VS, OpenOCD ensures linux is a player as well

The gdb-stub stuff is very cool, but has some limitations

side note: that STM/GDB link is bad-ass! Full of juicy tidbits :yum:

Excellent, thank you very much guys … I was considering the JTAG route, so good to know about that … but for now, it seems gdb-server will suffice just fine. Thanks for the feedback, guys.