GD32F103C8 platformio support with arduino framework

i have a GD32F103C8T6 that i need to programm with platformio and the arduino framework
i tried this: GitHub - CommunityGD32Cores/platform-gd32: PlatformIO platform for ARM-based GD32{F,E,L,W} chips. Work in Progress! but it doesnt support the arduino framework on the GD32F103C8T6
so please help

“All” it needs is an extension of the pinmap generation and probably some glue code, But GD32F10x as well as GD32F30x has different technical properties of how pin mappings and remappings are done which were throwing me off, so I’ve until now not further worked at GitHub - CommunityGD32Cores/platform-gd32 at gd32f30x_pinmap.


I guess it should just work with the STM32 platform ?
Usually GD32F103 are very close to STM32F103.

I’ve read otherwise, with the GD32F303 being more of a F103 with more RAM/Flash, but you can try :slight_smile:

No actually F303 is very different.

I am from the hoverboard community and we just run same code for STM32F103C8T6 and GD32F103C8T6 without any issue.

I ran an arduino example for the first time in platformio yesterday on a F103C8T6, I just didn’t pay attention if it was a STM32 or GD32, I will check when I am back at home

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And same with STM32F103RCT6 and GD32F103RCT6.

I could program a simple blinky and execute the same arduino code on a stm32f103c8 and a gd32f103c8

I am working on a hoverboard project too!

we just run same code for STM32F103C8T6 and GD32F103C8T6 without any issue.

Is this in spl or arduino? I am trying to get a simple uart output of a board with GD32F103C8T6 and am struggling!

I think someone is working actively on the gdf103 support in the gd32-arduino project at the moment.

There is EFeru’s FOC firmware, it works well on the hoverboard controllers with GD32F103.

It has a wiki that can help you troubleshoot you issue.

Turns out just using the stm32f103c board in platformio works for the gd32! Uploads perfectly fine to the gd32 and serial/i2c works (that’s all I have tested so far). Plus stlink debugging works on it too.

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