Future of mbed and PlatformIO

What will happens with mbed and PlatformIO?

  • Will you support the new mbed os5 as a new framework?
  • How will you handle the updates, e.g. the actual version for the classic version is v126,
    the platform manager says 3.124.0?! How can we install the latest version manually?
  • I’m missing the Wiznet platform (WIZwiki-W7500P/W7500/W7500ECO) for the mbed framework.
  • when can we expect the debugger functionality you promised with version 3

You have done a great work with PlatformIO :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:


PlatformIO 3.0 added support for ARM mbed OS 5.0. See Releases · ARMmbed/mbed-os · GitHub
mbed-os-5.1.2 is the same as mbed_lib_rev124

We added a supprot for mbed OS 5.1.4/rev126. See

There is strange issue with project generator in ARM mbed. We wait for the fix. Nevertheless, you can switch to development version of ST STM32 platform

platformio platform uninstall platform-ststm32
platformio platform install https://github.com/platformio/platform-ststm32.git

Are these boards supported in mbed?

I think we will add support for hardware debugging in PlatformIO Plus Project.

  • When i have a look to Releases · ARMmbed/mbed-os · GitHub is see that there are
    different releases, one for the classical mbed (v126) and one for mbed-os-5.1.4 ??? Is it really the same?! many boards are not supported by mbed-os5 and the release notes are different.
  • The Wiznet boards are supported in mbed Development boards | Mbed

They are pointed to the same commit. See:

Ahhh. I see. We need new development platform for these boards :frowning: We will add support for these boards as soon as possible. If you already have these boards and would like to see them in PlatformIO, please support us with PlatformIO Plus. Thanks!

There is a difference between the classical mbed_lib_rev126 and mbed-os-5.1.4
See my question on mbed: Difference between mbed-os-5.1.4 and mbed_lib_rev126 - Question | Mbed
I tried to run networking examples for mbed-os5 like: Ethernet - API references and tutorials | Mbed OS 6 Documentation but they doesn’t work, because of missing
files (in this example TCPSocket.h)
On the mbed-os5 the network API is rewritten (compare the UDPSocket docs for mbed os2 (classic) and mbed os5 (new) but I can’t use it. The old one works.
I know that is very confusing, because some of the new APIs work in v124 (last build on pio),
like the Thread-API some not like RtosTimer_API. Maybe there is a need to make two separate versions of mbed in pio.

the most important difference from mbed-os and mbed-classic is that the mbed-os ALWAYS use rtos.
The main() is on a Thread. If you try to compile a blink you will see that normally you have an about 5KBytes .bin on mbed-classic and a 35KBytes on an mbed-os blink.

So it is very important that PLatformio separate the two framework, and create:

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