Function list to navigate between functions in the cpp file - how to enable?

I am using VSCODE with plug-in PlatformIO on Windows 10 to code for ESP8266.
I am modifying a project downloaded from GitHub, which has a rather big main cpp file with many functions.
In other development IDE systems I have used there is always a way to enable a panel, which shows the existing functions in the visible source file and by clicking in that list one can jump easily to the wanted function.
But I cannot for the life of me find where I can enable such a window in PlatformIO…

In text editor Notepad-pp it is very simple but I do not want to use that as my programming editor.
Here is how it looks like in notepad-pp:


How can I enable a similar panel in PlatformIO to navigate quickly inside the source?

  1. The question is not whether “PlatformIO” has it, it’s whether VSCode has it. PlatformIO is just one extension in VSCode.
  2. Yes, it does have it, it’s the “Outline” window in the “File Explorer” sidebar. You can freely drag & drop that panel to where you need it.

Furthermore, through the command pallete, if you press Ctrl+P, you get a quick navigation:


So I can type Ctrl+P, @setup, Enter, and be in my function. Or I can type a filename, press enter, and be in that file.

Same for “Goto symbol in file: Ctrl+Shift+O”, then you don’t need to type the @:


All of that is documented in

A last addendum, PlatformIO integrates nicely with the VSCode command pallete (Ctrl+Shift+P) by providing the PlatformIO related tasks for build, clean, upload, etc, quickly reachable.


Thanks, this is almost what I want…
But the list contains not only the functions but also a lot of defines of variables and constants, which makes the list unwieldy.
Can I somehow limit the outline scope to only show functions?

Ctrl+Shift+P → Settings UI → Type “outline” in the search box.

Disable all stuff you don’t want.

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