Function Folding not permanent

Hi there,
I have a huge arduino project with many functions in it. To keep overview I usally fold the the functions I´m not working on in the moment within the editor (visual code under ubuntu, platformio addon) and let only open these ones I´m editing.
After saving the project and reloading the next day most of the folded areas are open again or others are folded. It is not the same snapshot as the day before.
How can I achieve that the right ones keep folded? Saving Workspace does not help.

Nobody here who can reproduce that issue?
Asked too many times already? I checked the FAQs but could not find any answer.
Can somebody give me an advice how to solve it?

Since this is more of a VS Code problem, you are more likely to get help if you ask the question in a VS Code forum.

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I see! I thought someone here had this problem too and has a solution. But anyway I will ask there. Thanks for your reply!

Found the solution myself:
In vs-code Editor:
Search in Settings for “folding”.
Change Editor: Folding strategy from auto to identation

Fold the relevenat parts of your code and save.
After reloading everything is as before.

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