Full recompilation every start

I start new project. I just add two string:

I wait for compile ~1500 sec.
Than i wait for build in debug console… about ~1600 sec.
Debug is run… ok. Stop it.

I change one symbol (for example, I will remove the exclamation mark)
Click run… and…
I wait ~3000 sec (full recompile).
No changes in configs, no customs… Empty default project.

What’s wrong?

Mbed Studio compiled first time in ~300 sec, but every run compile about 10 sec. Unfortunately in Mbed Studio debug not working.

The fundamental problem is that PlatformIO recompiles the firmware in debug mode in every debug cycle. If you hit “Build” normally, it will by default build in release mode, unless build_type = debug is set in the platformio.ini. Does thte time improve after you’ve set this option for subsequent debug cycles?

I add paramount in ini. Build time about 1400 sec.
But I see error:

But that error should be separate from changing the build server – try replugging the Nucleo board, disconnecting all external circuitry, or holding down the reset button durinig upload until OpenOCD text appears, then release.