Frustration with project directory

System - Fedora, VSCode, Platformio core 3.6.5, Platformio home 2.0.0

If I click on Open Project I get a menu with Places and Devices. One of the places is Projects. This works as expected. Another place shown is my user home directory. If I want a project from a subdirectory there is no way to input that. Clicking on /home/my-user starts a spinner going and the dialog says loading. This continues until I close the window. Similarly if I want to import an Arduino project from /home/my-user/Arduino, there is no way to specify the Arduino directory. I just get the spinner. There does seem to be a way to add a place to the Projects menu.

In summary it seems impossible open/import a project that is not already in the Projects directory.

I’m on windows but I can’t reproduce your issue. Using “Places” or “Devices” I’m able to navigate anywhere on my PC. For quick access to certain folders there is the possibilityto flag folders as favourites.
Have you tried opening the project-folder in question using the base VSCode “Open Folder” dialog? (File-> Open Folder or ctrl+k ctrl+o)

Do you have non-ascii chars in project path?

The project path is /home/rdyck/Documents/Platformio/Projects

In the GUI under the “Places” are listed rdyck and Projects. Clicking on Projects works as expected. Clicking on rdyck starts the spinner going and the word loading - forever.

Under the heading of “Devices” one of the items is “/”. On Linux that is the root directory. Clicking on that gives me a list of sub directories. If I click “home” > “rdyck”, I am back to the spinner. I cannot step into further directories.

It’s not a show stopper, just annoying. To answer Thomseeen’s question, The “open Folder” dialog works as expected. I should stop worrying about this quirk. I am only putting projects in the “Projects” folder anyway.

Thank for your input.

Since it seems to be somewhat related to your home directory, maybe check if there is something weird going on with permissions? i.e. on my ubuntu box my home directory has the following…

pfeerick@ASUS-H55D:~$ ls -l /home
total 0
drwxr-xr-x 1 pfeerick pfeerick 858 Mar 12 20:45 pfeerick

What if you create a subdirectory in / and try to access that? Does it still give you the spinner of death?

My home diretory had a couple of directories ( empty ) with nonsencsical names with several quotes in the name. No idea how they got there. Anyway removing the directories in question resolved the problem. Thanks for encouraging me to look more closely at the directory contents.

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Fantastic! Glad it’s working for you now. :smiley: Yeah, it’s quite easy at times to accidentally create a folder through a mistype with a space or quote, and with those .(dot) folders hiding by default also :wink: I won’t say how many times I’ve created a file or folder by mistake instead of running the command I intended to! :open_mouth: :laughing: