Fresh instal of VSC and PIO - stm32 Examples dont compile

So I just recently discovered platformio and I was enticed by the prospects of a sexy modern ide compared to my faithful Keil uVision , so I have downloaded VS code and platformio , I use all Stm32 Cube HAL or barebones with just the device header file. I imported the Cube Blink example from the example projects in the Home page of PlatformIO , looked good but didnt compile. Something out missing linker script “file does not exist” but i checked and it sure is there. and none of my the header files are “found” and they surely are there too. I check the include paths according to the help tip the software gave me and the paths are correct also… so what gives?


Your username contains a space and PIO couldn’t handle that. Notice how the error says Book\.platformio.. when the path to your PIO is C:\Users\Eddie's Book\.platformio.

This is a bug, please file an issue here Issues · platformio/platform-ststm32 · GitHub

well that blows! any quick fixes because changing my user name means a lot of my programs wont work now

Sure! See Redirecting...

Please declare PLATFORMIO_HOME_DIR environment variable and set a path to a directory which does not contains spaces. For example, PLATFORMIO_HOME_DIR=C:\.platformio


AHH!! Sweet sucesss!!! thanks!

What is your OS and locale?