FreeRTOS not listed for nRF52 Platform

I installed the Nordic nRF52 Platform for a project and see Arduino Framework, Mbed, and Zephyr RTOS listed but do not see FreeRTOS. I know projects like InfiniTime use nRF52 and are build using FreeRTOS. Does that mean I can’t use FreeRTOS for my project?

PlatformIO is missing support for the native Nordic SDK for nRF52 chips, nothing has moved much there

Meaning the currently only way to build such projects is to create a “baremetal” project (no framework = ... line in the platformio.ini) and adding all SDK files to the sources with the necessary build options like macro definitions in the platformio.ini.

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I work with RAKWireless RAK4631 (nRF52840) and they did the libraries for the nRF52), but you already have the native support for it: