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Fork of library - library Manager

I had discovered that this library GitHub - khoih-prog/ESP_WiFiManager: This is an ESP32 / ESP8266 WiFi Connection Manager with fallback web configuration portal. Use this library for configuring ESP32, ESP8266 modules' WiFi, etc. Credentials at runtime. You can also specify static DNS servers, personalized HostName, fixed or random AP WiFi channel. With examples supporting ArduinoJson 6.0.0+ as well as 5.13.5- . was spitted in 2 libraries on library manager:

The weird thing is that the version 1.3.0 and 1.2.0 appear in both forks. Is it possibile to fix this “split”?

They have different library names and owners,

khoih.prog/ESP_WifiManager @ ^1.5.2
khoih-prog/ESP_WiFiManager @ ^1.3.0

so deleting one of them will break projects which refer to it. Seems like the original author has lost access to the first account and then opened a second one, and also changed the library name by one letter.

Without the library authors permission no deleting should be done, so I think it’s best to open an issue in to notify the author.

I had firstly asked to him here. It seems he had a problem with Library Manager.