Force regenerate sdkconfig with PlatformIO ESP-IDF and Arduino

Hi all,

I’m working on a R&D project using ESP32 PlatformIO (via VSCode) and Arduino framework. For sometime I’ve been working with (I think) the pre-compiled ESP-IDF libraries found in arduinoespressif32. This was fine for a while but now I need more control of the ESP-IDF build, using the options in sdkconfig so I’ve converted my project to look more like the structure in this example:

where I specify espidf as a framework, and add CMakeLists.txt and sdkconfig files.

This seems to work but every time I make a change to sdkconfig.defaults I have to delete sdkconfig, clean in VSCode, and build in VSCode. sdkconfig then gets regenerated with my changes.

Is there a quicker way to do this?

Also should everything get copied across? If I add
to my sdkconfig.defaults, it doesn’t get copied to the main sdkconfig. Should it?