Following upgrade to VScode 1.56.0 unable to find Arduino.h

I have a number of projects built and working including blink. Today VScode updated to version 1.56.0 however none of the projects now build, the error being Arduine.h no such file or directory.

I tried rebuilding the intelesense via CTL-Shift-P then rebild intelesense and it runs fine, but still will not build.

I removed the folder …/.platformio/packages/framework-arduino-avr/ which caused a complete rebuild and re-download of the package; but once again I am unable to build any actual project, each with the error code: Arduine.h no such file or directory.

Of course looking in the folder, the file has been downloaded successfully (including content) but VScode/platformIO cannot appear to find it.

Any other options - anyone else had this issue?

If it doesn’t build in the PlatformIO build system then something is truly wrong.

What’s the platformio.ini? Are you sure you’ve selected the right active project with the project environment switcher?

Yes, everything the same as previous

platformio for the project is

platform = atmelavr

board = uno

framework = arduino

  • other projects are different, but this is the basic blink one, around the most simple one, but none of them work - most have the same or similar UNO board.

Strangely the marlin builds all work, but they sue marlin autobuild within platformio

  • Does the file <home folder>/.platformio/packages/framework-atmelavr/cores/arduino/Arduino.h exist?
  • What’s the .vscode/c_cpp_properties.json file of the project?

I’m also on VSCode 1.56.0 and Windows 10 and have no problems.

Sorry, busy last night and this morning, I don’t have the framework-atmelavr package at all, I have the framework-arduino-avr/ package which has Arduino.h.

each .vscode/c_cpp_properties.json for every project is there, and does have the path to the package within it. (but I am not at my/the actual computer at the moment).

However an update, following these issues I went through each build, building each and every project, all the marlin ones, python, and various others then by chance/error an Arduino one - which built!

So I went back over those which were previously not building and they all built without any issue with no changes at all.

So it looks like one of the projects kicked it back into life, but as I built around 40 before I noticed that the issue was fixed, I have no idea which one sorted it

Oh right that was a typo of mine – framework-arduino-avr is correct.

Glad to see it if fixed but also no idea what could have caused it :smiley: If it occurs again let us know…