Flash Size ESP 32?

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This is a re-post as I never really got an answer, one person replies sating “you likely have different versions of framework in these two IDEs.”, how do I know, check and change the framework

I hoping someone can explain this to me, I working on a project that is growing very fast and I could run out of Flash so I’ve been doing some tests using Arduino IDE and Platform IO which I do like, same code used in both.

It look like Arduino IDE used less flash 1009266 bytes (77%) and PlatformIO used 1213585 bytes (92.6%).

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*** Arduino IDE ***

Sketch uses 1009266 bytes (77%) of program storage space. Maximum is 1310720 bytes.

Global variables use 62488 bytes (19%) of dynamic memory, leaving 265192 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 327680 bytes.

*** Platform IO ***

RAM: [== ] 20.5% (used 67280 bytes from 327680 bytes)

Flash: [========= ] 92.6% (used 1213585 bytes from 1310720 bytes)


Wrote 1213696 bytes (667534 compressed) at 0x00010000 in 10.6 seconds (effective 919.6 kbit/s)…

Hash of data verified.


Hard resetting via RTS pin…


Arduino IDE:

As you can see, I have an older 1.0.3 version of the ESP32 Arduino IDE board support package (since 1.0.4 is the current version at time of writing, and the ‘update’ button for that entry).


It’s there in the build log - in this case framework version 1.0.4. There is also the platform version (1.12.0) but that isn’t important now that the framework version is readily shown in the build logs now. (Yay… no longer need to check the github releases to work out the framework version!)

The other aspect to consider is the library versions. If you can confirm that with the same framework and library versions that a given piece of code is resulting in two different compile sizes, then we’ll need some code (and platformio.ini configuration) to try out to see what’s going on…

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I’d like to apologize for not responding in the other topic, but I really got my hands full with coronavirus spreading around and family to take care of…

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