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Firmware Update for ESP32 via Ethernet cable

Hi community… I am working with platformio and esp32 under the arduino framework.
Currently If i want to update the firmware of the device I am using the following lib.

I am working also with Ethernet cable and for the specific task with the following lib :

I am wondering if you know the existence of some libs for performing the update of the fw using

the ethernet cable

Thanks a lot

ESP32 is already using LwIP stack. I am not sure if it’s an ideal solution to use two different stacks on same system. The library mentioned is using UIP stack.

If happen to work on IDF instead of arduino, do check this example.

Very similiar to ArduinoOTA over Firewall, ESP32: Invitation is failing - #16 by maxgerhardt.

Hi @maxgerhardt
Is this solution fine also for ENC28J60 ?
Thanks for your support