Firmware.bin and partitions.bin upload with OTA?

I build my ESP32 project with the results firmware.bin and partitions.bin.
Before I developed with the Arduino IDE. With “export compiled library” I get only one binary and upload this with OTA is trouble-free.
The board I’m developing was flashed with the Arduino IDE and is not near me.
I want be sure, that there is a chance to upload the new binary with OTA built with PlatformIO .
Thank You for discussions

If you have a partition table in the esp32 format Partition Tables - ESP32 - — ESP-IDF Programming Guide latest documentation you can add it to your platformio.ini file as with
board_build.partitions = PARTITION.csv
the generated config file for esp32 should then contain all the necessary flags.

But if you are not doing anything special with the partitions then you can use a template partition file “Factory with OTA” which is where your app is in a factory partition and there is an equal-size OTA partition where you update into and after a reboot you run in the ota partition.

Should a rollback occur then you will revert back to factory.

You cannot change the partition table with OTA. IIRC that implies a chicken-egg problem where its unclear where what should be written.

Hope this answered your question.

Thank You for so many words.
Have you an advice for me,
how to explore the partition table, which used before with Arduino IDE ?
I had chosen:
Minimal SPIFFS (1.9MB APP with OTA/190KB SPIFFS)

I found the .csv which is used by Arduino IDE.
I started Verify/Compile and checked the output lines and
searched for .csv
It was
located in
I copied this file and compared it with the version in
Because they differ, I renamed the version from Arduino in min_spiffs_from_arduino.csv and copied it in the folder
In my projects platformio.ini I added the line
board_build.partitions = min_spiffs_from_arduino.csv
The build after was without errors and a different
in the folder