Firebase Arduino libraries don't work me

Hello everyone!

First of all, thanks for your attention, I am a beginner in ATOM and platformio. I can’t build this test(PRUEBA1) with FirebaseArduino library. I have installed this library in my project from library manager and I can’t understand why in the moment of compile appear this error(capture1)


Apparently firebase Arduino does not get access to the internal library of the installed framework (arduinoespressif8266) C:\Users\eduar.platformio\packages\framework-arduinoespressif8266\libraries

The only way to build this test is to include manually each library (dependencies) that appear in the build panel on upper part of my file.


This problem just happens with this library(FirebaseArduino) , for example when I build another test with another library installed: WifiConnector.h this install all dependence libraries satisfactorily.


I don’t understand why happens this , in Arduino-IDE all work normaly, What should I do or correct? Is the library problem or am I doing something wrong? Thanks and Sorry if I’m making some stupid mistake I am beginner in this theme.

Please read about Library Dependency Finder (LDF) — PlatformIO latest documentation

Another option is to add to project lib_deps = WifiClient.

I tried modifying the platformio.ini file with:

lib_deps = WifiClient
lib_dir = /path/to/firebase/library
lib_ldf_mode = deep

But nothing I’ve done seems to have fixed the problem. FirebaseArduino is the only library not being read. Any suggestions? Using Atom on Ubuntu.