Files indexed correctly but the PlatformIO page shows something else

Good morning, I am detecting a bug or error which I do not know where it can come from since on the Github page of the following library: GitHub - ElectronicCats/CayenneLPP: Library for Arduino compatible with Cayenne Low Power Payload, those indexed were reviewed and are found correctly , but when going to the library in platformIO: PlatformIO Registry, it is not updated and it is even taking a github repository that no longer exists because it was changed by the one I previously put .

Also, when I look at the homepage and repository that are in that library, I see that they do redirect me to the current one.

Could you please help me, or if this is not the place to report it, where could I make the report.

Thank you so much.

It looks like that the library in the registry is outdated.

You can include the library directly from github by adding this line to your platformio.ini

lib_deps =

IS this the only way?, Because from what I saw, the indexed ones were correct, plus it redirected to a library that no longer exists on GitHub.

CC @ivankravets to index directly, sadly current ones are outdated and not uploaded by the original maintainer (ElectronicCats).

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Fixed. The owner has been changed. The new link and dependency data

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