Fatal error: ESPASyncWebServer.h: No such file or directory

Hi, there
I was import the libraries and check files but still the problem
src/main.cpp:91:10: fatal error:ESPASyncWebServer.h: No such file or directory

I try to make a new project with the libraries, don’t work !

Is there anything I’m missing here?
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Hi ismael!

If your project is not for ESP-home, I suggest starting with the smallest possible project in terms of ESPAsyncWebServer. To do this, use the original library and start with the simple-server example.


platform = espressif8266
board = thing
framework = arduino
lib_deps =

You don’t need AsyncTCP in your lib_deps. This will be installed autmatically by ESPAsyncWebServer.

Please post error logs, code / content of platformio.ini as preformatted text instead of screenshots. To do this, simply click the </> icon in the toolbar and paste your content between the three backticks:

  type or paste code here
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Thank you I migrated from Arduino to platformio and I couldnt fix until now. I still dont get why it does not recognize these libraries but at least I can get it to work

Did you initially installed the library via the library manager?

If you search the library registry (PlatformIO-Home / Libraries) for ESPAsyncWebserver, there are multiple matches. Unfortunately the original library is not the first one in the list.

This is the correct one: