Fatal error: circular_queue.h: No such file or directory ESPsoftwareserial.h

I am trying to compile a project with Platformio, using an ESP32 and the Espsoftwareserial library and another that uses a serial connection for communication between devices (FRSKY). When compiling it gives me an error that it cannot find the file included in the library.

First give warning
Library Manager: Installing dok-net/ghostl @ ^1.0.0
Library Manager: Warning! Could not install {'owner': 'dok-net', 'name': 'ghostl', 'version': '^1.0.0'} dependency for the EspSoftwareSerial package
and then error

EspSoftwareSerial/src/SoftwareSerial.h:24:10: fatal error: circular_queue.h: No such file or directory.
24 #include <circular_queue.h>

It is correct, this file is not in the Espsoftwareserial library. What can I do in this case? I would appreciate help to solve it.
Thank you, regards.

There is no such package from that dok-net author.

This is already tracked in

I would just recommend to use an older version of the EspSoftwareSerial library that does not have such requirements. E.g., the last minor version 8.1.0 does not require it.

Review your platformio.ini’s lib_deps statement to make sure you DO NOT have

lib_deps =
; or

in it, but use

lib_deps =


If you absolutely need 8.2.0, then manually list the ghostl dependency like



lib_deps =
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I’ve proposed

against it.

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Indeed, I have carried out the installation according to the instructions and the error has disappeared, without changing the version of the library. Thank you very much for your help.


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