Failed to launch GDB: .pioinit:13: Error in sourced command file: Remote communication error. Target disconnected.: Success. (from interpreter-exec console "source .pioinit")

I am trying to run the debugger on the example poi code “blink”, and cannot find what I have done wrong. Can someone help please with this error?

Full platformio.ini? There are a dozen “Blink” examples for each supported microcontroller platform…

Yes. I installed the full blink example set for platformio.ini. All I want it for is the arduino mkr wifi1010. Can’t seem to get the debugging working no matter what I do. Thanks for your help!

So, what external debug probe have you connected to your board? Just like the documentation says, this board doesn’t have an on-board debugger, but supports an Atmel ICE, Black Magic Probe and JLink for debugging. Without one you can just upload to the board, but not step-by-step debug it with breakpoints etc.

That is my problem. Thanks. I will need to purchase a board. Any recommendations?

I’m dealing with a similar issue with an atmelsam board where I was/am getting the same error. Of course my situation is different and I’m using a Blackmagic Probe Clone (jeffprobe)and hope to use SWD not JTAG

They both build

but I get this

which makes me nervous because I don’t necessarily want to upload… I’m positive i’ll break it.

I want to explore being to be able to debug/connnect to the target live and see where I’m going wrong in my code.

I was getting the same error as he was here but now I can’t “start debugging” because I must have screwed or turned off a task

At one point I thought it had something to do with .pioinit but I can only find a cached file


I found this post (bellow) and learned that (at the time) jlink had not been incorporated into atmelsam. I believe I’m using the latest platform_packages framework and am wondering if maybe blackmagic probe had not been added either meaning that I’ll need to do a custom and I have no idea where to do that.
I feel like I’m right on the Devs heels when it comes to pushing the functionality of atmelsam. It’s been one thing after another. That’s not a judgement. It’s amazing that any of this works.

So my debugger has UART and SWD and I believe runs it’s on dbg server. How to connect to it and whatnot is a total mystery.