Failed to install library from library manager

I recently published a library in platformio for later use.
But I get *VCS: Unknown repository type * when trying to add this library to my project.
Probably I didn’t publish the library as it should be, can you please help me to spot the problem?

I get

>pio lib -g install "^1.2.0"
Library Storage: C:\Users\Max\.platformio\lib
Library Manager: Installing @ ^1.2.0
Error: VCS: Unknown repository type

which seems very weird. It seems your username has broken the syntax of author/library@version by having an @ in your username.

@ivankravets to the rescue :smiley:

PS: Also you define

But the docs show that the url ends with a .git in that case

    "type": "git",
    "url": ""

not sure how relevant that is.

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Thanks for your help.
Yes, that’s true. it is using my email instead of my username and it doesn’t looks cool.
I don’t know why but I can’t login using my username and I have to use my email instead.

Is there a way to use my username instead?

Sorry, your username has been fixed.

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