Cannot login with username


i want to publish a package/library. Therefore I need to login to my account via the CLI with my username, because if I login with my mail address I get the error mentioned here:

The problem is that the login via username is not working neither on the command line nor on the web. Login with mail is working fine.

EDIT: Now even login with mail in CLI is not working anymore.:frowning:
I tried CMD, Powershell and git bash. None worked, although I use exactly the same credentials as in web login.

I get the following error:

Error: Invalid user credentials

What can I do?

Thank you!

Okay, finally I got it.

Mistake 1:
Login via CLI is for whatever reason not really working. → Login via VSCode is working fine.

Mistake 2:
I thought username in Web Profile ("@username") is the same as in “VSCode”. → changing username in web does not affect anything you need to change username in VSCode or via “pio home”. Littlebit confiusing tbh.

Now I can login via username and successfully uploading my package.