Failed to get flash maps (4294967290)

Running “Hello…” without SPIFFS OK.
Trying to use SPIFFS does not succeed. I use the “Build Filesystem Image” and “Upload Filesysem Image” in the platformIO menus.
This results in “Error: Failed to get flash maps (4294967290)!”

I found a similar link in Espressif:
Programming ESP32-C3-MINI-1 module using JTAG (OCD-390) · Issue #168 · espressif/openocd-esp32 · GitHub
with a similar problem, where they uploaded via the JTAG interface
openocd -f interface\jlink.cfg -f target\esp32c3.cfg -c “program_esp_bins build flasher_args.json verify exit”

However it will not work for me - is there another approach? Help will be greatly appreciated…

That doesn’t look good, please file an issue in Issues · platformio/platform-espressif32 · GitHub.

Thanks again Maximilian for your quick response - I have responded in an open incident on Github and hope someone will react.
Error: Failed to get flash maps (4294967290)!

I found the reason - and it had absolutely no relevance to the problem description - neither to platformIO or Espressif. Please accept my deepest appologies - come get your beer… :joy:
The real reason was a terrible mess in my setup. I had two versions of python (not really a problem), two Espressif IDF`s on top of VS-code with platformIO, my IDF installation is on E: - with numerous irritating references to my windows userID. I deleted ALL old python references and installed all over.
That worked !!