Fail to create LittleFS on d1_mini_pro board

I cant upload a proper littlefs image to my wemos d1 pro clones. As far I can see the littlefs.exe creates a 4GB bin file!!!

This is the data directory files

This is the output files

The littlefs.bin generated bin file is 4GB!.

I have no problems with the d1_mini boards, this only happens with the d1_mini_pro

can anybody help me to solved this? I really need the d1_mini_pro external antena :S

Due to a negative size calculation. See bug at mkspiffs crashes when invoked with negative size parameter · Issue #190 · platformio/platform-espressif8266 · GitHub. Workaround is ignoring half of the flash space by setting board_build.ldscript = eagle.flash.8m7m.ld in the platformio.ini. cc @valeros

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Great, I can upload now! Thanks!!

Any plans on solving that bug? I don’t need the extra memory now but maybe in the future

I’ve pinged the devs again.

Hi community, I’ve got the exact same problem and used the workaround but I would need this extra memory and this prevents from using the Mini PRO.
Anychance to get this fix scheduled ? Thank you very much

I’ve pinged the developers again.