External Library from git

Hi everyone,
for my project i use internal and external librarys, so i decided to use the platformio.ini to share my project with other member of my team.

Two are in the library manager of PlatformIO.
After i added them in this specific project, i wrote them in the “lib_deps”.

Now i want to use one of my library, it’s on git, so i decide to add it on “lib_deps_external”.
When i try to build the main.cpp, that give me an error about the git library.

I know that if i put the library on the lib folder it works on the main.cpp, but i would like to share it using the platformio.ini file.

What i wrong?

What error exactly are you getting?

Also I can’t find documentation on lib_deps_external on Redirecting.... Have you tried simply adding the github link (without the #master) as a new line in lib_deps?

This is the error, i edited the platformio.ini with your correction, but the error remain.

Does this solve the problem?

lib_extra_dirs = GitHub - DaveCalaway/Adafruit-PN532: Arduino library for SPI and I2C access to the PN532 RFID/Near Field Communication chip

in this way? nop.

lib_deps not lib_extra_dirs.

oh god, it’s works!
Is not an external library the Git library? what the mess?

Per the documentation lib_extra_dirs points to a folder on the file system where libraries are stored. lib_deps in turn has the ability to use git links.