"expected primary-expression before '__attribute__'",

I am new to platformIO, i am currently working on a LED strip project.

I have all my code written but when I go to compile I get the error
"expected primary-expression before '__attribute__'", in the .pio

This is what versions i am using

  • Core 5.0.4a2
  • Home 3.3.1

I don’t even know where to start with fixing it, I don’t know if its because of a library i have installed or what.

I am using an Arduino Uno if that helps

Us neither when we don’t see the code causing it :smiley:

Please show the full platformio.ini and code for reproduction.

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Hopefully this helps let me know

This is a error happening in the .pio

This issue has already been discussed at Fastled clockless_trinket.h:326:24: error - #6 by maxgerhardt. You need to use a newer compiler version to use this library. Adding

platform_packages =
  ; use GCC AVR 7.3.0+

to the platformio.ini fixes it.


All good now thank you :slight_smile: