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Examples for Board

Hi all,

New to PlatformIO but using Arduino IDE for a while, I am really impressed whith how all my board just work, I was frustrated how Some worked on Windows others on Mac so I am sold on this new IDE :slight_smile:

Examples are the thing I am struggling to get my head around in the Arduino IDE all Platform/Board/Library examples showed based on selected borad, which made it very quick to get new stuff going.

From what I can tell PlatformIO examples work this way:

  • List item Platform examples show in home screen under examples.

  • List item Library examples are available in library manager but project has to be manually setup for it.

  • List item Board specific examples ???

Is the board examples available anywhere? I can’t find them i.e. I have a Heltec Web Kit 32 which is an ESP32 it works fine for ESP32 generic stuff but I can’t find the examples for its embeded OLED screan etc that is available for the board in Ardiuno IDE in fact there is not specific examples as its not a new platform just a new board.

Can anyone please help?


Thanks, nice feature request! Could you move it to ? We will implement ASAP.

Done #1908
Thanks for your help.

This request is 3 years old. I still miss this feature.