Espressif32 versions - only rc are used, but will they update to include patches?

i know that the platforms, like espressif32, only releases are used, but wondering if patches are included.
For instance, there seemed to be some issues with bluetooth and thye released a patch to esp idf 3.3, but not sure if that made it into platformio espressif32 1.10? I see it in the changelog for the platform, but we have been running on 1.7 and I am concerned that switching to 1.10 will kill our progress.
we are working to upgrade to esp idf 4, but that is an ongoing effort.


Since none of the later platformio-espressif32 release notes reference ESP-IDF 3.3.1 or 3.3.2, I don’t think you’re in luck there.

That being said, you may be able override the framework version, using platform_packages… It isn’t working for me… but I don’t know much about the ESPIDF and build process, so the error I’m getting could simply be a product of misconfiguration of the project I tested against…

I used the following in the platformio.ini in order to override the ESPIDF framework files used, and it seemed to work (as far as downloading that specific version and seemingly using it), but I got a fatal error: 'CONFIG_IDF_FIRMWARE_CHIP_ID' undeclared (first use in this function) compile error.

platform_packages = framework-espidf @
platform = espressif32@1.10.0
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