Espressif ESP8266 vs ESP32


Could I get some insight here, I am just starting with Espressif SDK development. I have done a lot of work with the Arduino ESP environment and also Arduino boards. However, I am seeing the Arduino environment somewhat limiting for what I want to do and moving to the Espressif SDK development.
I first tried Platform IO IDE (with development PlatformIO as suggested) and tried to get even a small project going using an ESP8266. There seemed to be lots of broken links within the SDK framework and I really have given that up,.
Expecting the worst with the ESP32 framework I set into a small project and it worked fine.
My question is, do people find the ESP8266 SDK framework (in PlatformIO anyway) somewhat unusable and they are finding the ESP32 platform reliable? I really don’t want to launch into weeks of development and find that I have to rewrite the SDK
Thanks for any insignts or advice

I’m assuming you’re using the Arduino framework for both of these?

I’ve experimented with both with no significant problems. I’m not sure what you mean by broken links. I’m currently working on a “large” ESP32 project with a combined IDF/Arduino codebase, with much success.

The underlying ESP32 SDK is still under heavy development, and not all the ESP related libraries work yet, but quite a few of them do, and many others can be ported without too much pain.

Overall, I’m enjoying myself and have been very productive. I’ve found a couple bugs and gotten quick assistance from the Expressif team over on Github, too. They are responsive and helpful.

Not sure if this answers your question. :slight_smile:

@tetious Thanks Greg. Insight is always useful. I was actually using the ESP-IDF and tje ESP8266 native frameworks for my comparisons. The ESP8266 seemed to lack in that I had to start fixing references to libraries and defines. The ESP-IDF did not seem to have those issues on the simple projects I tried, I am assuming it has had more thought put into it.
I don’t think it is PlatformIO’s problem as such, they just pick up the underlying framework provided by Espressif.