Espressif ESP32-S3-Pico from WaveShare not supported board type?

My first time here.
I’m just starting to dev with ESP32.
When I create a new project and search the Board Types I can’t find Espressif ESP32-S3-Pico.
Can anyone tell me if this WaveShare board will be supported or…
Is there a generic S3 I can use ?

I using Espidf not Arduino.
I have uploaded a blink example and it works using the Board Type = Espressif ESPP-s3-DevKitc - 1.
BUT my problem is I can’t debug via OpenOCD / JTAG. That is why I need a different or specific Board Type… I think.
The JTAG GP pins are different on Espressif ESPP-s3-DevKitc and my WaveShare ESP32-S3-Pico.
I’m using the ESP-Prog JTAG breakout board for debugging

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I also came here to ask this. I want to use it with Arduino.

This is the board.

Is there a guide to adding boards somewhere?