Espressif 32 platform the staging libraries

First of all: Platform IO is really revolutionary and helpful and I use it every day.
As I’m using the ESP32 I can use the Arduino framework or the ESP-IDF or both!

But these frameworks are changing a lot and using the defaults you’re stuck with ESP-IDF 3.3 which is more then a year old.

It was possible to use a special branch (idf-release/v4.0) of the arduino espressif repo but this branch was deleted and it is still unclear what the solution is.

More info: espidf-arduino-blink example uncompilable because of missing branch · Issue #524 · platformio/platform-espressif32 · GitHub

No information of the breaking change can be found in the docs! New users will be in trouble right away!

I want to stress that is it vital to be able to use staging versions of these frameworks so I thinks this must be fixed ASAP!

Absolutely, I see it the same way. I’ve left another comment in the issue for @valeros :smiley:

Thanks Max, fingers crossed then…

After many months being out in the dark with ESP32 on Platformio, with only a small lifeline from Marco van Noord (god bless him), there is finally some light at the end of the tunnel: