EspOTA, uploading over second pc via pio remote?

I cant upload using platformio and on my main laptop because the firewall is blocking me. Deactivating is no option because im not allowed to perform any action there.

Right now i compile on my laptop then scp the binary over to my raspberry pi and use from there to upload my code which is kinda tedious.

I discovered that PlatformIO has a command pio remote. Is it possible to solve my problem via that route? Or there any other recommendations to optimize my workflow?

Thanks in advance

Yes, if the firewall allows access to this website and port, the firewall can be effectively circumvented. The way PIO Remote works is that you start a remote agent on some host machine (in this case your raspberry pi), and it connects to a PlatformIO cloud service. Your main PC also connects to this cloud service and then they exchange messages via the cloud. So no direct connection between the main PC and the Rasberry Pi. Then, PIO remote will allow you to upload firmwares from the perspective of the remote agent’s machine. So if your Pi can reach the ESP, you can execute the project task ‘Remove Development → Remote Upload’ (with of course the ESP’s address / name set up in upload_port) from the IDE and it’ll just work.

Read through the documentation on how to set it up. You will need need PlatformIO on both your host and target machine.