ESP8266FS- file uploader for ESP

Hey gang, what do you know about this?

ESP8266FS appears to do what I want ESP Download Tool for.
I can upload a proper HTML file. I’d like to upload an image for the webserver HTML page.

I added the extension for VSCode, but it looks like everything has been written for the Arduino integration.

Never used or seen it before. Seems like PIO can do the exact same thing though with its filesystem tools (which supports LittleFS too in contrast to that tool), since in PIO you can have a data/ folder in the project and then use the tasks for buildfs and uploadfs (docs) to build the filesystem image (what they call pack in the extension) and upload it. Basically its a fancy interface to the underlying mkspiffs tool.

And since you can add new tasks to PlatformIO’s task list using advanced scripting, you could even add tasks which implements the missing minor features (list, download (from ESP8266), visualize).

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This is important. I need to learn this. What did you just say?

I have to do stupid job stuff, so I can’t investigate until later. I added the extension, but couldn’t find anything about its use. I prefer to stay within one environment if possible, and this would jump me way ahead. I’m getting excited, thinking that when I get to the point where I COULD use both processors, I’ll be able to CAN use both processors.

Since they’re killing SPIFFS, I’m following instructions for filesystem. I put a file in data/ (Ben_Grin_glasses.JPG).

Any idea of the syntax?
Is it in a directory named ‘data’? I think the contents of /data are just uploaded with the rest of the stuff, in the flat directory until I upload a folder.
It’s not like SPIFFS, where it’s a flat directory with some files beginning in ‘/’. It’s folder-friendly, this ESP32. I think the 8266 is flat-only, without directories.

I want it for a webserver. This is HTML that doesn’t work:

I know I could go back though all the documentation I just scanned for the ‘did that file get put there?’ command. Don’t want to.

" "

I found a new WebServer program.
HTML is fed as raw literal. It’s beautiful. I can use CSS, etc.

I uploaded the photo to my website and included it in the HTML, and it’s cool.
But I want to work from the uploaded file.

Crossing off the advanced functions of the ESP32.