Esp8266-webserver - envs_dir


When i take the example “esp8266-webserver” it compiles ok.

when i insert:

envs_dir = /tmp/foo

it compiles with the error:
.text' will not fit in regioniram1_0_seg’

PlatformIO, version 2.9.2.dev0

any suggestions?


Hi @Robert_Walli!
Yes, we know about this issue with envs_dir option and espressif platform, but there is a temporary workaround: adding .pioenvs directory to a new environment path. For example:

envs_dir = /tmp/.pioenvs


Workaround ist OK.
Tried now with version 2.9.2, 2.9.3 and 2.9.4, guess it will not be fixed in 2.x ?


You will be able to fork original espressif development platform in PlatformIO 3.0 and create own. The issue is linked with LD script where .pioenvs is hard coded. See