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ESP8266 was not declared in this scope

Help me figure out the scale. Here is a brief example in the screenshot. Why variables from perem.h are not global and are not visible in func.cpp . There was no such problem in the Arduino IDE.

In func.cpp you do not include perem.h, so they cannot possibly show up.

But your perem.h file is wrong too, instead of doing global variable definitions in a header, you should only put an extern declaration there and then use a perem.cpp file to define the global variables.

Write perem.h as

#pragma once

extern int timer500;
extern int timer1000;
extern int caution;
extern bool timerFlag500;
extern bool timerFlag 1000;

then write a perem.cpp file with #include "perem.h" and the variable definitions from your original perem.h` file.